Thursday, February 08, 2007

Yesterday's Happenings

I am not having pain from the surgery. Discomfort, maybe. But I am taking Percocet to numb the anger and disappointment I am feeling. I was given a plan of care, I followed it to the letter (except for the physical theraphy) even though there were so many things going on, and I end up with one boob and am completely in the dark about where I go next.

I called the breast surgeon (Dr. Cutter). She hasn't called back. I called the radiation oncologist (Dr. Nuke), and he more wanted to talk a defense against blame rather than what I wanted, a plan and prognosis for reconstruction on the radiated side. I see Dr. Boob (or maybe now Dr. Half-Boob) on Monday and Jim wants to come along. He wants answers too.

I don't know why Dr. Cutter set me up with Dr. Boob. He's a kind enough man, has gone to great lengths to treat me, but sometimes seems like a C+ med school student, if you know what I mean.

I now have to do alot of research on tissue reconstruction and the nearby DRs that do it well. I also have to think about just going flat chested.

Today was a chore day for Brother Dave and me. My kitchen faucet wasn't putting out cold water, and it was slowly shutting itself off. We figured a new faucet was in order, because this was a contractor's model for which we would not be able to get replacement parts. I chose this behemoth faucet where the sprayer pulls out of the end. Dave put it in in about 1.5 hours. It stands really tall so that you can get buckets and tall pans under it. I'll get used to it. After he got it in, I still didn't have cold water, so off to the crawl space to look for ice blockage. A little rearrangement of insulation and leaving the crawlspace door open for awhile, and we got cold water back in the kitchen.

We also ordered a new door and screen for the fire place. We first went to a fireplace shop and I fell in love with one $1400 model (8 weeks to deliver). Prairie styling and bi fold doors with a cabinet (not draw) screen and I could choose the finish (something like 30 choices). I thought bi folds would be good because they would not get in the way of the fire tools that sit on the hearth.

We then went over to Lowes and found what seems to be a perfectly acceptable door in prairie styling. Not bi fold doors, but the cabinet screens, $340, and only in black. 2 weeks for delivery. Dave said he would return to install it, but I think I might can find someone here.

We went to Dick's Sporting Goods. Dave got himself some clothes, and bought a really nice insulated flannel shirt with snaps, not buttons, for Jim. Jim really likes it. I bought Jim some fancy skiing long johns and a exercise stair step platform. He doesn't want either of my gifts.

Off to Target. My brother Les and sister in law Donna had given me a digital camera for my birthday, but I needed accessories. I got a memory chip and rechargeable batteries using a gift card I got from Annie for Christmas. Thank you Annie. I forgot to get a camera case. Oh, well, I can do that later.

A little shopping at Trader Joe's, a little shopping at the pharmacy, and 3.5 hours later we got home. It was a nice outing for me, and I didn't worry about Jim a bit. He said he got lunch--ice cream and peanuts!!

We all had something different for dinner. It was a real 3 Stooges scene. Jim fried himself a hamburger, Dave broiled a trout filet, and I broiled a New Zealand filet mingnon. (Best filet I even had; got it at Trader Joe's; I highly recommend it.)

Today is Jim's "chore day" with Dave. He has to have a blood draw; get an ID card made so that he has access to SCAT (Senior Citizen Affordable Transportation), a half-priced taxi service; go to Jim's condo to pick up some things. For me, I want them to get pipe insulation to minimize the possibility of another ice block and take a few packages to the post office. I plan to nap in while they do their chores.

Dave has been really great, although he has serious pain with some oral surgery he had shortly before he came here. He just got up (6 am) because of the pain. He will be leaving tomorrow (Friday), after morning rush hour. Thank you Dave; you have been a real help here!!

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Alice said...

Glad you had a great day. Maybe Dave could use some pain meds tonight. Sending lots of luv your way.