Wednesday, February 21, 2007

GI DR Visit, Max and Lily Update

Jim and I both saw the GI Dr today. I have some elevated liver values, a slightly enlarged liver, and a "spot" on my liver that he wouldn't worry about except for the breast cancer. He asked whether I had stopped drinking alcohol, and I said no. He asked why. I told him all the issues I've been through in the last 3 months, caring for Jim, my failed implant replacement, how I have started counseling but that quiting drinking is way down my to do list there. He wasn't judgmental. He simply asked that I make sure it is on my to list. He ordered a followup abdominal CT scan for me in April.

He was really impressed with Jim's progress. He said that Jim has clearly "stabilized." Jim asked, and the Dr agreed to an increase in his fluid allowance from 1200 cc a day to 2000 cc a day. Dr. also agreed that Hospice may kick him out because he is no longer on death's door. Jim's sodium is now down back into a normal range, although his kidney values still are out of whack.

We both go in for a followup in 3 months.

Max is very lethargic and standoffish today. I can't tell if it that he is feeling bad from the tumor, or pissed and hurt from all of yesterday's trauma at the vet. Boy, I'm sure he is really going to be happy with the ultrasound and possible fine needle aspiration on Friday.

But he is picking at the Hill's A/D diet, formulated for cats that are faced with a serious illness, injury or surgery. Ennis also is helping to lap it up, but that's not good for him because it is 13% carbs, which he doesn't need with his diabetes.

I also have to give Max 150 ml of Ringer's Lactate a day, by Sub Q. And the vet gave me (free) the potassium and Vitamin B-12 to put in the bag. I got that all done last night, and inserted in administration line, but failed to put on the "brake." So all the fluid and nutrients ended up on the carpet.

I called the vet and they have sent a scrip to a local vet to provide me with the potassium and Vit B-12. And some more A/D, because the boyz have gone through 3 6oz. cans in one day.

Lily's bloodwork comfirms the early CRF. Her BUN is 53, out of range, although her creatinine is in the normal range. Her urine specific gravity was something like 1.017, which is really low. They want me to start her on a fatty acid supplement and Hill's K/D. Also enalapril for blood pressure. She is a dry food only cat. I have no idea how I am going to manage this.

I still have made no progress on the cluttered kitchen table, although I have taken my pills on time, which was the #1 chore.

Take care all.


Alice said...

I hope all works out with the furries. Glad Jim is doing better. I hope your liver turns out fine at the recheck. Great that you are taking your pills on time. And get some boxes and clear off the kitchen table. Than you can go through the boxes at a later date. Ok, maybe that's a little cheating, but you will have a nice place to eat. Sending lots of luv your way.


Venita and Jim said...

Yes, Alice, that is cheating. It's not resolving the clutter, it's just giviing it a new place.

Starting that is today's job.

{Steve Rapaport} said...

Hey Venita --

Are you taking Methyl-B12 (sublingual or injected) for the numb periphery?