Friday, February 02, 2007

So Many Changes

There have been a number of changes this week, and I'm sorry I haven't updated.

Jim and I checked out two nearby senior centers, and chose the one closest to us, which will provide him bus pick-up and drop-off two days a week for $1 each day. The annual membership fee is $20, but because it's mid-year (they are on a June 30 fiscal year), they will only charge him $10. They are letting him do a couple days free to see how he likes it.

He went for a half day today (because of his light bulb treatment). He found himself a recliner in the "library" and read his book until lunch time (he took his own lunch), then went back to the library, took a chair nap, and then read some more. He also walked the hallway for exercise--WITHOUT his cane!! I've given him grief for that.

He said he thought going to the Center is do-able. However, he says he won't go back until maybe next week Friday because:

  • Monday he has light bulb treatment and his GP.
  • Tuesday I will be having surgery (I'll get to this next).
  • Wednesday and Thursday he wants to stay home and worry about me.

OK, the surgery thing. This is to replace my expander implants with the kinder, gentler silicone implants and give me nipples.

Surgery was supposed to be Friday, February 9. I saw the plastic surgeon yesterday (Thursday) and complained greatly about the pain on my right side, a combination of the radiation burn/scarring and the damned square and pokey expander implant. (With tears running down my face I'm telling him about my pain.) I thought he would want to delay surgery until I felt better.

NO. He wanted to advance it. Said let's get the expanders out, you will feel better immediately. He tried to find a slot for me in today's surgery schedule, but the best he could do was next Tuesday.

All sorts of scrambling to reschedule things. Thankfully, my brother Dave who was coming up on Thursday to care for Jim and me over the weekend already had the rest of the week off, so he can come and go sooner. He'll drive up Monday after he finishes some dental surgery he is having done. (Eek! I hope he lets the anesthesia wear off.)

Liza was going to take me to and bring me home from the hospital (this is out-patient). She was going to stay in the waiting room the whole time in case there was a problem. She took a half day off work to do this (she drives a school bus). Well, she can't just up and change her schedule like this, so I will get to the hospital either by cab, my own car (and leave it there), or Dave and Jim will take me. Then my neighbor Nancy will pick me up when I'm released. Liza will come over after work to make sure everything is going OK here. (Bless her heart.)

So this weekend will be a whirlwind of preparing for company, stocking in food, and cooking in advance. Who needs the Superbowl with this kind of excitement!!

I'm trying to plan a visit to Longwood Gardens in April or May for nearby people on the FDMB. We should have a grand time. Any non-FDMB people--Annie, Pam--please let me know if you want to be part of this outing. Annie, we've talked forever about going to the Gardens together. (OK, maybe now I'm thinking maybe we have gone together. CHEMO BRAIN.) There may be an FDMB member coming over from Harrisburg, so you two could ride share. Overnight accommodations will be available, with Jim's condo sitting empty.

Sad news today about the mid-FL tornado(s). Turns out they ran through the area where Betty, the one who came to help me when Jim was in ICU, lives. I was able to get in touch with her husband Don by email, and he called, and they weren't even aware of it during the night. However, a large amount of damage has been done close to them. Thank goodness for the Christian/Jewish/Good Samaratin Gods that watch over those two. They have such a special place in our hearts!! Betty is my Angel and Don is Jim's best friend from childhood.

I may not update again until a day or 2 after surgery. I will make arrangement for Julie to post my post-surgical status on the FDMB, and for Steve to repost here, or link to it. (OK Julie? OK Steve?)


Alice said...

Sending lots of love your way. I will be thinking about you on surgery day. And on another note, who in the hell would make a square fill in tit? Must of been a man. I think that needs to be revisited by someone. Can't wait until you get the nice soft boob shaped ones in. Well good luck and I will be waiting for the next update.


Martha and Alley Cat said...

Hi V,

I've been back east tending to lots of family "stuff". Wow I forgot how cold NY gets! Good luck with the surgery, we'll be thinking of you!

martha and ac

Rebecca (FDMB) said...

Venita, where is your update? How was surgery????? We miss you!