Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

This morning, a day early, Jim gave me a V day card and a box of chocolates. Apparently when Jim was out a couple weeks ago with a friend, he picked them up. I have no idea where he's been hiding them. I think it's the first time I have cried at getting a Valentine's card.

We spent the morning cleaning up the fruits and vegies and wrapping up meat for the freezer from yesterday's late grocery run. I had to cancel the vet appt for Max and Lily because I wasn't going to haul precious cargo in the snow. We ordered in a pizza (for me) and a broiled chicken grinder (for him), lit a fire, and watched a James Belushi movie named "Mr. Destiny." Never heard of it before, but it was really funny. It was one of the DVDs donated to us by folks on the FDMB.

I'm going to have to go out soon and scrape the driveway. Snow's not deep enough for the contractor who does our roads and driveways to come into the development. In Delaware, the state "kind of" takes care of the roads, and then only the major ones. We have a community assn where everyone chips in a few bucks each year for snow plowing and street lighting.

If it were going to be warm the next couple of days, I wouldn't bother, but that's not the case. I have "concrete snow" on the driveway.

I'm a little less depressed today. I even started cleaning up my email inbox. I now have only 289 unread messages in there!!! (Probably the same number of read but unsorted messages.)

I noticed today that I have feeling in the skin on my right breast side. It's somewhat numb (like my fingers and toes), but I can definitely feel. Can't feel a thing on the left side, where the implant is. The skin there is totally "nerveless." Isn't that odd?

Happy Valentine's all.

(And still saying a special prayer hoping to hear how Alice's follow-up breast ultrasound went today.)


Alice said...

So glad Jim surprised you with a card and candy. It means he was thinking about you and went above and beyond to keep it secret.
Email inbox, first delete any email that says it can enlarge your penis. I have found these to be junk email.LOL
I am not familiar with implant work but you did just have the surgery. I would give the implant office a call and ask them if this is normal.
My boob thing went OK. I know for sure now that it is 100% solid and no liquid in it at all. But at least I know.I have to go back in 6 months and see if it's grown. And yes V, I already made the apt. My boob hurts from the needle they stuck me with. A BEE STING MY ASS.
Well sending lots of love to you and Jim.

Annie said...


I am so glad you had a good day today. Happy Valentine's Day!! We have concrete snow here also, but I can't get it up.

I don't blame you for canceling the vet appointment. Take care of yourself.


Venita and Jim said...

Alice, I'm not concerned about not having feeling in the implant; I was warned about that in advance. I'm just amazed that I have feeling in the skin on the right. I haven't had that since the expander implant went in there 11 months ago.

It's nice to have fee;ing.