Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Today's Surgery Results

Don't know the formal name of the procedure, but Venita's mast scar had failed to heal, turned black, and was dying. Dr. Boob took her into surgery and cut out the dying tissue and restitched the opening. He told Jim that it went well; that there was more tissue to work with than he had thought. Dr. Boob also put a second Jackson Pratt drain into the wound.

Venita didn't have a formal surgery time. She was an "add-on," got a call at 1pm, sat and cooled her heels in pre-op/holding until 3:30pm, one hour in surgery, out of the building by about 5:30.

So many of the OR floor nurses remembered Venita. That was nice; felt like they had her on "special watch." And Venita is getting pretty good about knowing the "routine" about the info they need, what to wear, and where to go.

Already Venita's incision feels better. It had been starting to feel as bad as her right breast nipple when she got the ischemia and the nipple went gangrenous.

Nothing more for Venita this week. Jim get's a follow-up with his GP for his stress reaction tomorrow.

We're holding it all together pretty well.


{Steve Rapaport} said...

Great work, Venita!

No response yet from the people who didn't deliver your giftie. More to come...

Alice said...

So glad that went well.

Annie said...


So glad that the surgey went well and you were in good hands. It sounds like you are having quite an ordeal. I hope you are feeling more comfortable now.

Blessings, Annie

Martha and Alley Cat said...

Excellent news Venita! Now have yourself a well deserved relaxing weekend, both you and Jim.


pam said...

Hi Venita,
Sorry I haven't written - I have been following your blog, but have been so challenged with forgetting passwords, blog names, etc.!!! But I remained determined, so this is a test to see if I have actually mastered it!
Here goes----- will it post!

pam said...

Ok, now, for my thoughts on hair loss - I just have to share this story with you - it's really all about perspective!
My mother-in-law, her sisters, and her daughter all have a condition which caused them to lose all of their hair in their late teens. So, they have all worn wigs forever. When one of the sisters was diagnosed last fall with throat cancer, she was lamenting to us the problem of losing her hair with the proposed treatment. We were puzzled! Why was she worried - she had already been there and done that. yes, she replied, but because of the wig, everyone thinks that she has hair, so, should she remove the wig as though she lost it, and then put a wig back on! Like I said - it's all about perspective. In the end, she left well enough alone.