Sunday, September 24, 2006

More Dementia

and it seems to occur when Jim is faced with a non-routine situation.

Jim woke up fairly strong and clear headed this morning.

Then the physical therapist came to do an evaluation.

After she left, Jim said I should have told the truth. After discussing this, I come to find that he believes we've never been married.


cindy said...

Venita - Do you have photos and other mementos of your life together. Sure, your wedding, but also trips you've taken, maybe photos with you two and other friends; also presents you've given each other, cards and letters, maybe get take out food from a favorite resteraunt and talk about your memories at that place..Maybe if you can ground him in his real life and in the present with you through memories, it will help ease the dementia.

Meanwhile, I echo the concerns of others: don't sacrifice your own care for Jim. You can get help for Jim. You MUST continue to focus on your own recovery.

Alice said...

I hope you will meet with his Dr. soon to find out if this will pass soon or is it here to stay. You need to take care of yourself too. Keep us posted.
Love Alice

Martha and Alley Cat said...

Gosh this sounds like Alzheimers and alcoholism/DTs.... (we have had both in both our families) Could Jim have been mis-diagnosed? In any case, it sounds like he really needs a serious professional treatment plan/intervention and much more than you can offer from your home. You must be at wits end..... huge sigh and I don't know what...