Saturday, September 02, 2006

Status on us Both

Another attempt at being brief.

Jim's still in the hospital. His liver functions continue to get better and then have a slight setback. He is clear minded most of the time, but is very weak in his voice and body.

He is weakly progressing at physical and occupational therapy.

V spent yesterday afternoon checking out 3 nearby transitional facilities. She made her rankings and took the info back to report to Jim. In V's absence, the social worker had tried to have Jim transferred to one of the facilities (the one V ranked dead last). Jim refused to go, and in the middle of the debate the GI DR showed up and told the social worked that Jim was not medically ready for release.

By the time V returned, Jim was being given IV magnesium. V wanted to take the social worker's head off, but she was gone for the long holiday weekend.

DR did tell Jim that he might be ready for discharge Monday. The problem with that is that none of the admissions officers are in the facilities on the holiday Monday, and the one facility we want won't have a bed until Tuesday. The admission officer in that facility is going to take 2 women who are each in a semi-private room with no roommate, put them together in one room, and give Jim the resulting empty semi-private room. Have to talk the DR into a discharge delay until Tuesday.

V has a tough schedule for next week just for herself. Will have to fit Jim in as possible:

Tuesday AM, CT scan and reconsult with thoracic surgeon
Wednesday AM 8 month followup with endodontist
Thursday AM Consult with vet about Max's CRF
Thursday PM PAP smear and coloscopy
Friday late AM show up for surgery

V also is trying to get in to see Dr. Boob. There seems to be a leak in her right breast expander implant, and that implant wasn't due to be changed out until around January. We will need a resolution before V can start radiation. (One cannot expand irradiated tissue.)

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Alice said...

Just hold on. YOu will get through this. Sending hugs and healing thoughts your way.