Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Sun Will Come Out . . .

. . . tomorrow. Although it's pretty bright today; crisp and clear.

The neighbor just came over and put a hand held shower head into Jim's bathroom. The neighbor also said he could install whatever handicap rails we might need, even over the 54 year old tile that is in the bathrooms.

Getting real close to having everything ready for Jim's homecoming.

I still need to see the home health care orders the facility DR writes. I need them to include aide help so that someone else can struggle him up the steps to the shower the first few times. Want to be able to kitty snuggle nap at those times as Deb suggests, although I'm sure the first time I'll be on pins and needles, fearful the aid will drop my precious Jim package.

About all I need to complete the picture is a husband with a positive attitude. He MUST keep up with his PT, and he's been very bad about that in the past.

Jim and I are going to practice single rail stairs at PT today. I have rails on only one side of one step of the stairs in my house.

I have moved next Thursday's reevaluation for radiation therapy back ~ 5 days so that Jim is closer to self sufficiency before I leave him in the house alone for the several hours that appointment takes. I still have a surgeon follow-up next Thursday, but that should only keep me out of the house for 2.5 hours, not the 6 hours the 2 appointments on the same day would have required.

Thank you all for all you do for us!!


Martha and Alley Cat said...

School is back is session and with that comes some very highly motivated students willing to work for extra cash.

The high school guidance counsellors KNOW which students are good kids and dependable. Set up a meeting with a counsellor and find that student who will help you and needs the money. It could be before school, after school or in the evenings. Someone who can just be present in the house while you are at appointments. And then you can schedule your appointments when the student is there.

I speak from experience. I hire a high school girl who can do anything. I keep thinking I'll miss her when she graduates, really, she is the best!

This is a one solution, it's easy and not expensive.
martha & ac

DebandGiz said...

Wow! dearest Martha, and of course, you too, Alley Cat,

What a great idea! A stupendous idea! Are you listening to Martha, dearest Venita?

Much love and let your student graduate even though you don't want to kind of grateful hugs,
Deb & Giz, too...

DebandGiz said...

Is the other side of the one-sided step rails a wall, dearest Venita?

If so, you kind of have two-sided support... And/or live in my house... Now there's a concept! Well, except for the hellish commute to your doctors... Sigh...

Okay, what follows is my non-confrontational attempt at tough love... Sorry if I might shout... Make SURE you get the home health care orders signed! Make SURE you understand that even in a seemingly perfect world they can take an additional 24 hours to kick in... And you're coming on a weekend... Weekend coverage is definitely possible, just might take a few extra phone calls...

Please don't misunderstand me, dearest Venita... I know how much you want your big guy home and feeling better! We all do! We just want to make sure you both have proper coverage... proper help...

Promise us all that you won't move any other appointments back, okay? Promise us all, that despite your initial pins and needles, you'll practice cat-napping with the cats... They are glorious nap teachers!

This isn't coming out like I wanted it to, but hope you understand... Precious Jim needs precious Venita... Precious Venita needs precious Jim...

If either of you faulters, your backyard will be full of loving, albeit worried friends -- and Giz will drive you nuts with her list of to-dos... You'll have a tent city and one hell of an ornery, demanding cat on your hands too! DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT?!?!

Much love and countless, hopeful, healing, remember to remember you in all of this, kind of hugs,
Deb & Giz (Excuse me, mommy, but there's a huge difference between special needs and high maintenance!)

Alice said...

Yes Venita, You have to take care of yourself too. We worry so much about you. Sending love your way.