Saturday, September 30, 2006

Today's Story

Dr. Cutter didn't pull V's surgical drain. Another week until another appointment; maybe it will be pulled then (4 weeks post-surgery).

The home health aid (HHA) did not show up when V had her DR appointment on Thursday. Jim sat here alone for 2 hours feeling abandoned. When the HHA showed up on Friday, Jim sent her away. He doesn't want to work with her. The agency says they don't have anyone else to send. V has to work on Jim to accept the situation. We are getting different stories from the aid and from the agency about why she didn't show up. Alot of finger pointing.

The RN and the OT continue to work out well, and Jim likes them.

The PT has been another nightmare. We basically fired the first one, and the 2nd one will come in for the first time on Monday. The new PT wanted to come Friday, but Jim refused, saying he was too tired for a PT session.

Jim was having a hard time on Friday because V had invited the departing neighbor nurse Mary to stay here her last day and night in town. Jim got jealous that someone else was going to get V's attention (he admitted the jealousy). Jim wouldn't talk with Mary, and was very agitated all day. He stayed in bed moping most of the day, and thus had V up most of the night because he was slept out.

Mary, V. and Mary's stepson Trevin had a great going away party Friday night--grilled filet minion and steamed king crab legs, with roasted vegetables, baked apples, salad, steamed brocolli, and wine for the ladies. It was a major feast!!

--Thank you Mary for having been here to help as much as you did with my journey and with Jim's!! V loves you, and your little dog too. Have a wonderful time in New Hampshire in the love shack with your husband, and all the best, the very best, for your happiness back in New England.--

Jim's brain dysfunction continues. Today he was changing the channel and lowering the volume on the TV with the remote control. But the control wasn't in his hand. Just sitting there punching the air. He picked up his cup of tea and drank some, but the cup wasn't in his hand. This is the first time V has seen this "absence of physical object" behavior. That was clearly a brain injury type of behavior.

Jim's brain CT scan will happen on Wednesday, and the GI specialist did find a neuropsychiatrist for a consult. V left that head DR, named Christopher King, a message that she wanted an appointment for Jim.

Venita is really scared about this head stuff. This will be a full time job for her, watching him, keeping him safe from falls. He is finally getting better physically; he's able to get out of a chair by himself, he far less shakey and wobbly. But he is aggressive and often passive aggressive about what he wants. Thank God V has known him for over 20 years, so she know his personality and what "works" and doesn't for him in terms of motivators.

Venita so hope this head stuff is the result of some of Jim's medicine. No one ever told her that the liver failure might have this sort of outsome. If this is permanent, this is going to require some complete realignment of our lives!! V knew this eventually would be needed, but not at this point in life!!


Alice said...

All I can say is I love you. And send you the biggest hugs ever.

Love Alice

julie said...

agreeing with Alice, I love ya' V and I am sending you lots of positive vibes and hugs that things start to get better really soon!

{Steve Rapaport} said...

Wow, this is some change since the journey began. Jim's difficulties are easily the most difficult of your life changes now -- the mastectomy thing seems almost minor somehow.

Sabina and I send you healing wishes, soon, and best wishes to both of you.

Maybe Jim could learn air guitar?


Martha and Alley Cat said...

Waiting to hear about Jim's ct scan.......