Thursday, September 14, 2006

Should Have Had a Breast Weight Lottery

Venita didn't realize that breast tissue weight was one of the stats in the pathology report. V's post-biopsy nearly B breast tissue weighed 495 grams--slightly over a pound.

Only one lymph node was taken for the sentinal node biopsy. Final result--no metastatic disease. Because only one node was taken, V can have blood pressures/IV lines/blood draws from her left arm without the possibility of lymphedema.

The breast tissue showed no remaining evidence of invasive carcinoma or ductal carcinoma in-situ. There were mulitple areas of lobular carcinoma in-situ, but Dr. Cutter says that some lobular carcinoma in-situ (a pre-cancerous condition) is common for most women. Dr. Cutter said she would be concerned if there had been ductal carcinoma in-situ remaining; that would indicate the chemo had not been effective.

Dr. Cutter thinks the incision is healing well, but there's still too much fluid to pull the drain (currently about 120 ccs a day; have to get down to about 20 ccs). She will see V in 2 weeks for surgical follow-up, and then 6 months after that.

Time to call and start the process of radiation. It will only be necessary on the right side.

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Alice said...

Don't rush the drain out. Remember last time. They took it our and you ended up having to go to the doctors and have some drained out. Sending love your way.