Thursday, September 14, 2006

Steve, Need IT Help

The "front page" of the blog got messed up somehow. There is a right hand column that has links to things, and those links used to live at the top of the page. Now they live at the bottom (at least on my screen--Explorer browser), making them essentially worthless. However, when I print the front page, those links are at the top.

The place that controls how the blog looks is in the "template" tab in the dashboard. Can you take a look to see whether you can fix this? Thanks!~~V


Venita and Jim said...

Things look back to normal, Steve. Thank you, if you were involved. If you weren't involved, I thank those mysterious IT Gods (and also you, because you are here to help).


{Steve Rapaport} said...

It wasn't me -- Blogger just did some maintenance, maybe that was it. I'm looking out for you though!

Wow, Jim an invalid and yet a murder suspect -- sounds like Columbo!!