Thursday, October 05, 2006

Trudging Along

Jim and V continue to trudge along. Jim gets physically stronger everyday. There also seems to be improvement in his mental status. The change in some medicines would appear to be the cause. V got him to the imaging center for the CT scan yesterday with little problems; he's much stronger walking the stairs. We won't get the results of the scan for a while. Jim sees his GP tomorrow, but V doubts he will release them because he is not involved with this part of the situation. We might get a call from the GI specialist, or maybe the neuropsychologist will tell us next Tuesday when Jim goes in for that testing.

Some days are good, and others bad. We've been getting more good than bad. We had a horrible night the other night when V gave Jim a sleeping pill at his request. He hallucinates on those things. Never again!!

V's fine. She is on antibiotics since Monday because Dr. Boob agreed that she appeared to have symptoms of a brewing infetion. DR also did not pull the drain--too much fluid and doesn't want to keep potentially infected drainage in her body.

V sees Dr. Cutter this afternoon. She will likely get the same answer about the drain.


Martha and Alley Cat said...

Glad to see a bit of good news!
martha & alley cat

Alice said...

Glad you got some good news.I hope you continue to get good news. SEnding hugs your way.


julie said...

finally a little ray of sunshine! let's hope a lot more is coming your way!!!


cindy said...

Things are looking up - that is just great! Maybe Jim's mental stuff was nothing more than bad meds!