Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ah, Thursday

No CPA, lawyer, or DR appts today! only the air conditioner service company. I may not even shower today!!!

So back to the psychotherapist story. I chatted alot about how great the Longwood weekend was, but did get angry/upset two times. Once at my plastic surgeon. I believe I previously wrote (or maybe I didn't) that I got the operating room reports from Dr. Half-Boob and they revealed that I had a infection in the implant capsule on my right side. Angry that he didn't tell me that, or put me on post-surgical antibiotics. (Oops. Reading back through the blog, it seems the DR did tell me the night of the surgery that the fluid he found appeared "somewhat infected." That still doesn't explain the lack of anti-biotics.)

Second at Jim for being in my space. This was not our agreement, and I don't know how to deal with it. I am not a full-time partner. I don't know how to be a full-time partner. I don't want to sell my house. I love my house.

Yesterday we went to see the SSDI lawyer. She thinks I have a good shot at getting benefits. But, OMG, the paperwork I have to put together. This is going to be a full time job until my appointment with them next Wednesday. And the lawyer wants to be informed of every step I take.

I found a local person who used to do intake applications for SSDI, and she offered to help me with reviewing my application in advance.

I was able to beg the dermatologist's office into an "emergency" visit tomorrow. For the eczema.

I am working on getting a referral to a neurologist for an evaluation for SSDI. Dr. Chemo's office continues to refuse, although they are sending medical records. I left a request on my GP's referral line to make the referral and to send pertinent records. I hope they will do that. I will followup on Monday. (My insurance doesn't require the referral; the neurologist's office does.)

The neurologist plans, I believe, to do an EMG. That should result in a "verifiable" record of my neuropathy. However that won't happen until after 2 and a half weeks of the Anodyne treatments, discussed next.

I have set up appointments for two weeks with the new PT. She has a machine called Anodyne, which is supposed to help alot with the pain of neuropathy (which I don't have) and somewhat with lack of sensation (which I do have).

Let's see, what else. Next week is jam packed. I get a chest CT scan and see the thoracic surgeon for a followup to my "lung cancer scare" last fall. PT 3 times, Jim has his GP. I have SSDI. I have a follow-up PAP (I'm on 4 month callback, but you may recall that my last PAP was "clean; first clean one in almost 3 years). And I see my GP. Wowsa; what a week!!

So back to getting my SSDI info in order.

Take care all!!


jess said...

Well, crap, sounds like you're going to be super busy next week, and that's when I was planning to buzz by and drop off your scooter. Oh well.

Venita and Jim said...

The porch is always open; drop it by you joyrider!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the SSDI works out for you. Keep us posted when you can. Big hugs to you.