Sunday, May 20, 2007

I thought I did an update

but I guess not.

It's been a kind of, sort of, busy week. Through Wednesday it was appt after appt.

Saw the thoracic surgeon. The scar on my lung is hardly noticeable on CT scan now. Wow, that DR is easy on the eyes, isn't he Betty?? (Betty knows Dr. Panasuk.) A follow-up in 6 months.

The new PT is working out pretty well. I no longer have the trembling in my hands. Freaked me out one morning when I pointed the mouse and I actually could do it.

Still dead fingertips and feet, but they seem less dead than before. Still stumbling around and dropping things. I do so want to get my feeling back.

I did not go for my PT appt on Friday. Just too out of it to go an hour each way.

Jim's condo has another open house today. And for the first time, the open house announcement is in the newspaper, YESHH. Finally the realtor is doing something.

What else? Still not eating. Wednesday I weighed in at 109.5. Down 1.5 lbs from last week. This really sucks; I was 135 on Thanksgiving. Julie sent me info on a local DR who is an eating disorder specialist. I believe I am anorexic, as I have been twice before (without treatment), but this time I want someone to guide me out. I want french toast!!

Next week: PT 3 times, appts with the new neurologist and the GI Guy. Another freakin busy week. Too much driving.

I will put in labels for this later.

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