Monday, May 07, 2007

Really Tired

Didn't do much today, except Jim and I went out for lunch, but Viv came over to help look at my online SSDI application. She used to do SSDI intake. Thank you Viv. She spent over an hour here, and gave me alot of encouragement and insight.

Just so tired. And so hand shakey in the mornings and difficult to walk in the overnight.

I get a lung CT scan and check by the thoracic surgeon tomorrow morning. I start with the new PT tomorrow afternoon, for work on my neuropathy.

So shoot me! I haven't taken my meds tonight because my 7-day med box is empty. Please let me do it tomorrow before I leave, at least my antidepressant and the Tamoxifin.

OK, so maybe I need to get a couple more 7-day med boxes and set up my pills for 2 weeks at a time.


Anonymous said...

I hope your scans go well tomorrow V.
and the new PT too.


Cheryl and Winnie

jess said...

Hi Venita
Are your pills just twice a day or are some three or four times a day?