Sunday, May 06, 2007

Longwood Group Picture

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Front row, left to right:

Stefani and Toonces; Ann and Smokey; Francine and Garth; dian and wheezer; Kris and Jane; Kristen and Bobcat; Suncat; Jess and Earl.

2nd row, left to right:

Cindy and Patches; Venita and The Boyz Boy; Sandra and Barney; Peaches (Sheryl); Alice and Tabby; Holly and Belle; Cheri and Patriot.

3rd row: left to right.

Julie and Smokey; Kate and Dozer; Robin and Peri; Heather and Chico; WCF and Meowzi; Hope4Bella (Marlene); Lisa and Merlyn; Donna, Shiloh, and McKaela.

4th row: left to right:

Glen (Robin's husband); Marjorie and Tigger; Holly's friend Donna; Bev and Mitsy (and now with Finley)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic looking group. And my head doesn't look huge.LOL
This is the best picture I have seen of the group so far. It's my background on my computer now.