Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Through his nurse, Dr. Chemo basically said...

...screw you. He doesn't want to see me next week for my neuropathy because there is nothing more medically that he can do.

They faxed a scrip to a physical/occupational therapist that is 1.5 hours away from me (one way). They say she might be able to rehab the neuropathy. I spoke to my PT, and the bottom line is that this new PT may have a machine for neuropathy that my current PT does not have.

So I will go down there for an evalation. Apparently Dr. Chemo wrote the scrip for 3x/week for 3 weeks.

The nurse said that all Dr. Chemo could do for me was listen to my heart and lungs. He has no way to measure my disability because of the neuropathy. The nurse said any "documentation" of neuropathy is better from a PT/OT. Well, maybe Dr. Chemo could document that I didn't have my 4th Taxol treatment after I told him about the neuropathy because "to continue would put you in a wheelchair."

OK, I'm pissed at him now too.

A few months back, I went to Jim's dermatologist just to have a general checkup. At that point I had a little eczema on my butt. She gave me a scrip for a 2.5% cortsone cream. Well, now this rash is almost everywhere except my face. I scratch it (because it's itchy), and I bleed. Called today for an appt with her, and she has nothing until May 18. I hope she will prescribe the UVB "tanning booth" that Jim used. I also may ask her for a referral to another good dermatologist that is not as heavily booked as she is.

I saw the psychotherapist again yesterday. But I'm getting tired, so I will write about that later.

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Anonymous said...

I know two people that use a tanning bed for bad skin and it works wonders. I would give it a try asap. And a 2 week wait to see a doctor isn't bad at all. Here it would take months. Sorry about that damn Dr.Chemo again. Sending lots of hugs your way.