Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Today's appointments

Jim had his GP DR this morning. GP said Jim's blood tests were "stellar." We didn't ask for a copy of the tests; we are suppposed to get them directly from the lab but that hardly ever happens.

Jim really wants prednisone for the arthritis in his knees. GP said no; nothing oral and suggested something topical that it looks like I can only get on-line. So a little Hocks shopping tonight. He will re-ask the GI DR when he sees him in 2 weeks.

SSDI application. We didn't have to wait too long after my appointed time. I was so nervous; I went through 1.5 bottles of water. The intake woman said it was the most complete and organized application that she had seen.

It's a little complicated being self-employed (and not keeping real good time sheets after starting the surgeries), getting her to agree to my statement about the last day I did any "substantial work." But she finally did, and hopefully the state determining agency will also. I have to do no substantial work until September this year to qualify for any retroactive benefits. But then, I probably won't know until after that whether I got approved on the 1st application.

Because I had documented pretty well, it only took about an hour. Gave us time for lunch before my intake for neuropathy therapy.

PT found that I have sensation in my arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes. The test? Touching me with a hard plastic "pricker." We then did some balance testing. She said I was having balance problems. No shit, Sherlock. I had shown her my arm bruise from falling last week.

She also counseling me on the normal things I get nagged about--taking my pills, eating, lowered alcohol consumption. She said all of those things can affect the neuropathy.

So we are going to try the Anodyne treatment for six sessions (3x/week) and give me hand, feet, and balance exercises. Also some leg strengthening exercises. I start that Friday.

Tomorrow is my every 4 month PAP smear. Joy! But the last once was negative for abnormal cells, so if this one is too, I only have one more 4 month PAP before I can go back to annual.

Friday is my GP. She is seeing me every 4-6 weeks now because of my depression. I have quite the list of things to talk about. The SSDI application, where I listed her as the lead doctor in knowing my symptoms and treatments. Wanting a referral to a neurologist, although I am starting to waiver on this because the PT today said a neurologist would not do much more in the way of testing than she did today and would have nothing in her/his medicine bag that I'm not already on. Wanting a referral to a psychiatrist. My psychotherapist is OK, but it would be nice to have an MD doing the counseling because the s/he also could manage my stress/anxiety/anti-depression meds. My GP seems slightly an amateur in that area.

Then Monday, the psychotherapy resident.

I so want all these appointments to stop. I want to go out and garden.

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