Friday, May 11, 2007

My GP appt

Saw her this AM.

She's on board with my SSDI claim, and agreed that specialists are more effective than family practitioners. She agreed to make the referral to the neurologist, and agreed I should seek treatment through the Rockford Center to a psychiatrist. She also upped the dosage of my anti-depressant, saying that a few days upped dosage before the mental health assessment might give them something more to deal with.

She said Dr. Chemo, who has never called me back, might not get on board because he has lots of patients with breast cancer who do not fall apart, so maybe he doesn't think my situation is legit. (WTF????) But GP said I had situations (like the failed implant and my sick husband) that many breat cancer survivors do not have to deal with.

I cancelled my new PT for today. I just cannot drive myself an hour away and back. Too much.

If looks could kill, Jim would be dead right now. He gave me grief about "not being sincere about the PT." He didn't offer to drive me.

Edited: Give me a break! After Jim left the house, I went to bed for a 4-hour nap. Big time bummed out about Deb losing Giz. And my calves hurt. I think from the balance tests the new PT did on Wednesday.

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