Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Poisoned Ennis

Darned PICA cat.

Friday night, I put my meds on my office desk, left to do something else, and when I got back, Ennis had left his desk spot, and my pills were scattered, some still on the desk, some on the floor, some MIA.

I "replaced" the missing ones and took them.

An hour later, watching TV with Jim, Ennis came down the stairs, stumbling like a drunken sailor.

OMG. I took him to the bedroom, got him food (he wolfed down 1.5 cans FF), and a litter box. Then he went into a deep sleep.

About midnight Deb415 called. Bless her heart, despite her grief at losing Gizzy the night before, SHE called the SPCA poison hotline for me. Twice. They suggested an ER vet (Duh?), but we don't drive at night. That would have been 3 of us dead. So they gave us "normal" heart and respiration rates and temp to watch for.

Jim watched Ennis until 4am while I slept. He would stand Ennis up and shake him every 20 minutes. Then I watched Ennis, although not as attentively as Jim had. About 6am, Ennis stirred (yessshhhh!) and wanted off the bed. I put him down. Tried to hold him in the litterbox. Tried to give him food and water. He laid down on the floor to sleep more.

The missing meds were 2 caps of 300 mg Neurontin and one cap of Prevacid. The SPCA vet and the local ER vet were both concerned about the Neurontin. It is a med I take for my neuropathy. Kris was kind enough to research that it takes way more than 600mg of Neurontin to kill a mouse/rat, so I felt better that an 18 lb cat could come out of this OK. However, there is potential for kidney damage.

Ennis will not be allowed back into my office until I thoroughly vacuum the floor, which I plan to do today.

This is now Sunday am. Ennis is still alive even though he hasn't seen a vet. I spoke with his vet yesterday, and the vet said 200ccs SubQ fluids daily until seeing Ennis on Tuesday. Ennis took the fluids very nicely yesterday. He is eating minimally and continues to be a bit wobbly, but is so much better than he was.

During this adventure, I couldn't get enough blood to test his sugar, so I didn't give him insulin. Finally, at +37, he tested 297 so out came the Levemir as well as the R booster.

Thanks so much to everyone who held my hand during this crisis.

Why won't he take his own meds but he will eat mine?

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Anonymous said...

So glad he's going to be alright. Big hugs to both of you.