Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Where I've been the last almost week

It was the Longwood Gardens trip. What an absolutely wonderful time was had by all.

A link to one set of pics.

Having 27 wonderful caring women around me (and of course Robin's husband Glen) made me feel alive again. And it makes me think I should get an annual pass and visit monthly just to see the changes in the flower beds. I have seen enough of the fountains. The tulips were gorgeous. I can't do the conservatory for long because I can't walk much and scooters can't get into the building.

I thank everyone who came. As dian said, "I went to Longwood poor and came back the richest person in the world."

The friendships and personal connections made during this past weekend will be .... I don't know what to say!

I got tired, but I also got a huge fix of energy from these people. So many people helped and reminded me to take pills and to eat!!! I love them all.

For all that came, I already have written a personal thank you.

Other Matters

Jim wanted to have a talk this morning. His issue is about my depression and how collapsed I am at the end of a day. He told me that this also upset Alice. Alice, if that is the case, please email or PM me with your comments. Please don't answer here.

We went today to see a tax accountant about me accessing retirement and nonretirement assets for living expenses. Given I have no income, but a mortgage, utilities, and kitties...and food.. He had alot of great ideas about what to go for first, and said he would help in the future anyway he could. This was probono because it's a firm I've consulted with in the past. Again thank you Pam, and thanks to Rob and Al.

Tomorrow I see the SSDI lawyer. She wants a list of my meds and supplements, and my surgery and treatments. That's tonight's chore.

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