Thursday, October 12, 2006

Everyday is a Challenge

Jim continues to feel weak, washed out, lethargic. Also very cold, even though I have the heat in the dungeon into the 80s and he is dressed in layers, including my chemo cap. RN visit today showed his blood pressure (BP), after 4 readings, in the 68/40 range. She called his GP, and we are reducing his diuretic further. It is a balancing act between trying to help his body shed excess fluids (which with liver failure build up in his belly and legs) and dehydration and low BP.

I left Jim alone for 4 hours today while I went to our drinking club and then to see Dr. Boob. Jim wanted me to go to the Club because there were some people he owed money to (one had bought him 4 rolls of the new North Dakota state quarter and the other was selling him a fundraising calendar). I stayed for 2 beers and a chat with friends. Then off to Dr. Boob, who told me that the golf-ball sized lump in my left armpit was not the expander implant shifting, but the accumlation of surgical fluids. CRAP!! He drained the armpit (100ccs of fluid, a little bloody at the end) and put 60ccs of saline in the implant. The DR was running behind, and I didn't get into see him until an hour after my appointment time.

Came home to Jim having had a poopy incontinence problem. Because of his weakness, there was nothing he could do but sit and wait for me to get home. He had been waiting 1.5 hours. I felt horrible. He was very good; didn't complain about having been abandoned, as he rightfully could have.

I have a "dry run" for radiation tomorrow. They just want to make sure the form and the measurements and the tattoo all work. Real radiation starts Monday. 7:30 AM. That was all they had available. As others "graduate" from radiation, I should be able to pull a better slot, like 9AM.

Supposed to be a freeze tomight. I don't have the energy to bring the plants in, so I draped them with old sheets. I will work on getting them in over the next few days.

Cats are doing well. I am giving Max an appetite stimulant, Cypro, and he is constantly begging for food. Looks like he is putting some weight on; I'll weigh him tomorrow.

Ennis's BG level was way too high this morning. He's been getting SID shots, and had a shot last night, but this morning he was around 250. EEK! I gave him 4U, when he usually gets 3U. At +5, he was in the 50s. SHIT!! I probably have set him up in a huge rebound cycle.

I'm sure there are other things I wanted to say, but I can't recall. Thanks to all for caring!!


Alice said...

Dope up as much as you can before your apt. run through. I don't like pain and that's what the meds are for. I hope Jim improves soon. And 250 isn't that bad a number. For what you're going through I'd take it. Sending you,Jim and the furries all our love.


{Steve Rapaport} said...

All our love too, Venita!

You are amazing and you have strength like I've never seen.

BTW, you might be able to break Ennis's rebound cycle by splitting his shot into BID portions for a short while, assuming you have time for that.

And no, Jim doesn't have the right to feel abandoned every time you leave the house. At least, I don't think he does. Please, no guilt.