Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Radiation Crash and Burn

Get to radiation clinic at 7:25 am Monday morning. Still dressed in jammies; coat over same.

Can't start treatment. DR wants repeat of the X-ray films that we did during the dry run on Friday. Get me all set up "in position" and keep me there too long again. Cramping, aching.

Techs come back in. Couldn't take X-rays. Treatment room door wouldn't lock. Come back Tuesday to try non-treatment again. I huff out, grumpy and stressed enough to spit nails.

Tuesday up at 6AM, hoping to be more awake when I get to clinic. Find a phone message from Monday night--door still broken; don't come in on Tuesday. MAYBE back Wednesday to try non-treatment again.

DR offered to delay treatment a week because I am so stressed over Jim. At this rate, it will be a week delayed. It just won't have relieved any stress.

I sometimes feel I'm working with a rinky-dink outfit.


Alice said...

I feel for you. You would think fixing a lock might take an hour. But they must have to get a specialist to come in and fix it. Maybe I will have to drive down and put my damn foot against the door or up someone's ass. I hope they can manage to get the lock fixed asap. Sending lots of hugs and good thoughts your way.


Annie said...

Via, You are dealing with alot right now. It is certainly understandable that you feel as you do. Hang in there! We are continuing to pray for you and Jim.
Love, Annie