Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jim Not Well

I have written 2 posts now about Jim's failing condition, but I have not posted them because they also express my anger with a few local people and how they are treating us.

I am so pleased with my FDMB group, and my neighbors, and Jim's neighbors, and Annie, and my brother and his wife, and some of our local friends. They give us incredible emotional and physical support on a daily basis. I wish more of the people we know from Claymont DE could be more helpful in that way.

Many of them only seem to want to know details of our lives so they can gossip.

Bottom line is that Jim is failing a little more every day. If you want brief details, PM me on the FDMB or email me or call me. I am not interested in continuing to share my personal pain with our local community. I was told by one local "matron" that I am not getting help because I am not humbling myself and admitting that I can't take care of us.

I'm sure I'll get over this in a few days, and come back on to update. I can be as friggin opinionated as almost anyone, but I don't try to cram it down peoples' throats.

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