Monday, October 30, 2006

It's Looking a Little Easier

Jim had a repeat ultrasound of his legs today (Monday) for blood clots and he has been cleared for PT and OT. Hopefully, that will start this afternoon. If not, tomorrow.

Finally got to see DR Egotistical Invisible Cosamanis. He understood that Jim and I want to pursue rehab rather than hospice. He said he would ask the social worked to ask the rehab unit at St. Francis Hospital to come in and evaluate him, but the DR doubts that Jim is sick enough for them. They tend to work with people on vents and other life support.

But the Dr. thought the rehab floor in Wilmington Hospital might be possible. Jim got turned down by that rehab unit before because he didn't fit their "mold": spinal cord injury or joint replacement. But the DR thinks they might accept him this time because they have a low patient census (and Jim has good insurance). Actually, this could be better than St. Francis because Jim could keep his GI guys (they don't practice at St. Francis) and Jim's neuropsychologist is in the Wilmington rehab unit.

I also spoke to the social worker about wanting these things to happen.

Jim read the sports pages again today. The DR gave him a severe talking to about how nutrition is a very important part of his wellness. (Jim stopped eating a week before he went septic.) Jim continues to have some confusion from the Ativan pills he got yesterday, and the DR told him he couldn't have anymore. Said if he got anxious, to just put up with it.

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DebandGiz said...

Oh gosh, please forgive me, dearest, dearest Venita, for even asking the question, but have you started having fun/faux coloring your hair?

I'm asking because was wondering what faux color it might have been when you flung your petite wrists defiantly in the direction of the faux cops... Some colors are damn empowering!

And you, my dear, are sheer magic... And Jim is the most lucky recipient of your wondrousness... And your strength... And most certainly, your love...

Much love and our countless hopeful, healing, remember to take care of yourself too, even though we sometimes go missing so appear not to be here to remind you that we are here kind of hugs,
Deb & Giz, too...

PS: Have missed you on the commutes after work... Please let me know when you've lifted my multi-tasking driving ban...