Monday, October 09, 2006

Set Back, with Afternoon Update

Right after the last post, meaning immediately after I hit the "post" button, Jim started feeling poorly. Diarrhea, inappetance, didn't want to exercise, sleeping most all day and hardly any at night, cancelling visits from the therapists.

I resolved to put the kabosh on that yesterday. I forced him into hourly laps around the room and kept food in front of him at all times. That, plus visits from 3 groups of friends, lifted his spirits. He sees his GP today and the neuropsychologist tomorrow. His mind seems a little clearer, and he is getting less childlike. It would be nice to get him off any meds he doesn't absolutely need. He can be so sensitive to them.

I see Dr. Boob today as a followup on the possible infection problem. Drain still isn't ready to come out. DRAT! It may just HAVE to come out.

UPDATE: Dr. Boob pulled the drain. Hurrah!! 8 inches of plastic tubing no longer living in my chest. He also added 90 ccs to the implant to try to "seal" the drainage cavity. I'll followup again with him on Thursday in case the drainage starts to accumulate in my chest and I need to be syringed.

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Alice said...

Hope all went well with Jim's drs visit. Enjoy the nice hot shower without the drain in. Sending you our love and good thoughts.

Love Alice