Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday afternoon, 2:45

Jim is about the same. He's getting whole blood now too because his hemoglobin is down. Really disoriented. At one point he thought he was on a bus.

Talked to Dr. Kahn about hospice. He suggested holding off until Monday. Said that if Jim's blood reaction is to the meds, they would expect to see improvement in his platelets by Friday or Saturday.

Another DR in the ICU asked me whether I had called hospice. (Apparently they call the ICU for access to Jim and his records.) Yep, I said, even though at that point I was headed out to cancel them until after the weekend. The DR said there was nothing wrong with getting an evaluation and talking to them, just that I should not sign anything to "admit" Jim to hospice. So they are still on to come here at 3pm.

Jim's scheduled for abdominal and head MRIs tonight, if they can get an IV line into one of his arms. While I was there 2 ICU nurses tried for 30 minutes with no luck. They called for an IV nurse. The head MRI is to see whether there is bleeding into the brain that is causing his confusion.

His belly is continuing to swell, as are his legs. His respirations continue to be fast and shallow because of the pressure on his lungs.

Jim did tell me he loves me.

Radiation room door is back on track. I get "burned" at 4:15 and then back to the ICU.


Alice said...

I know you always knew he loved you but I am sure it felt soooo good to hear it. I hope the tests show something positive for him. I also hope your radiation goes by fast. Sending lots of love your way.


DebandGiz said...

Hi, sweetie,

Left work way too late last night to see if you felt like "joining" my commute home... Will try tonight if it's not too late again...

I'm thinking and praying and hoping for you both... We all are...

Much love and countless hopeful hugs,
Deb & Giz (And don't forget my countless hopeful tiny pawpats, dear Venita...)

PS: I'll be sending you extra strong thoughts at 4:15...