Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mid-Day Report

I saw Jim from 11-12 noon. He was remarkably chipper. They are putting anitibiotics and Dopamine (to raise his blood pressure) into him through the central line. He said the DR told him he would be in ICU for a while.

They almost gave him 4x the Lactulose he's been getting at home (the laxative that gives him the explosive bowels). Thank God the DR called me and asked what dosage he is on. Pisses me off, tho, because I sat the ER nurse down last night and went through all his meds, the dosages, and times.

I talked with my former neighbor she moved a couple weeks ago to NH) nurse Mary and she said Jim's ICU stay might be more than a week. She also cautioned that he might need another SNF facility as transition before he comes home. Shades of Shipley! I need to start checking these places out.

Thanks so much to all of you who spoke with me yesterday and today. I have been/am so very scared that Jim was/is going to die. I still don't think he's out of that woods.

Neighbor Kurt came over today to install 3 more grab bars (one each at the top of 2 stairways and one at the entrance door), and to adjust the placement of one next to Jim's bed. Thank you so much Kurt for helping us. I really hadn't planned for my home to be covered in grab bars, but they are very useful for Jim (and for me when I am mobilizing him alone).

I'll be heading back to the hospital to see Jim for the 4:30-6:30 visiting hours.

I love Jim so much. I so hope he heals.



DebandGiz said...

Thanks for the update, dearest Venita,

I've been thinking about you all day, sweetie...

Although Jim's not out of the woods yet, it certainly sounds like he's feeling a bit better and is responding to the meds... Have to say, this is a positive update... Yay! Here's hoping for many, many, many more!

Do they actually plan on transferring him directly from ICU to a SNF? Don't they usually move them to a regular floor on the hospital for a day or two first? Seems kind of odd to me... If this is the case, would he now be a candidate for St. Francis (wasn't that the name?)? You seemed to like that place, well, as much as one can like SNFs... Just a thought...

Thank you again for this update, dearest Venita... Your neighbors sound wonderful... Then again, look at their neighbor...

Keep the faith, honey... We shall all do likewise...

Much love and take good care of you too kind of hugs,
Deb & Giz (Might I suggest having a cookie and then a cat nap, dear Venita? Cookies always make me feel better -- and smile too!)

Alice said...

I am glad Jim was chipper. Send Jim our love. And of course many hugs to you.