Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jim Continues to Fail, it Seems

His liver values are not improving. His platelette count is dropping precipitously. Platelettes are those blood things that allow one to clot. Jim now has basically no ability to clot.

Except that after 5 days flat on his back, Jim developed clots in his legs, as shown by an ultrasound. The normal course would be medicine to dissolve them, but that medicine would further lower his platelette count. The risk is that the clots will break loose and travel to his lungs and give him a pulmonary embolism.

He is scheduled to see a hemotologist/oncologist. That apparently is a common dual speciality. The falling platelette count is potentially indicative of a cancer.

One possible course is to install a Greenfield filter, which is an umbrella device that they insert through the groin into the inferior vena cava to "catch" blood clots that try to travel that route. It is a surgical procedure done in the imaging lab, and Jim would have to go to Christiana Hospital to have it done.

I am not visiting Jim for the next few days because I am under way too much stress. Jim has been less than welcoming to me. I am even more hurt by several of our opinionated friends who have stuck their $2 in about our situation where perhaps only 2 cents were needed. I can accept Jim's lousy attitude because he is sick; I have a much rougher time with the "friends" who counsel how I should handle my illness and Jim's illness differently (that is by "accepting" that we cannot do this alone), but who are not around for any purpose other than evaluation. We are only an occasional concern for these "friends." Sorry, but this sounds so much to me like religious people who say open you heart to faith and all things will get better. Excuse my pomposity, but get off your butts and show up in Jim's hospital room for a visit or maybe even bring over a meal when Jim is here. Do I really need to call you and ask you for a visit or meal? I have done that several times, and trust me, that makes me feel like crap. Jim is SUPPOSED to be your friend/family. I am not asking for me. I know that I have only lived in this way too-close-knit community for only 4 years, and that I have no "standing" here.

I have never waited for "a friend," (even those here) to become so "humble" that they had to ask for me to bring food or to visit. I showed up, food, magazines, friendship in hand.

What has happened to common courtesy here in Jim's home town????

Sorry, guess I'm just not humble enough for you all!!!

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