Monday, October 30, 2006


The DR is still being Dr. Egotistical Invisible. He saw Jim before visiting hours (when I could not be there) and told Jim he was in end stage liver failure and would not survive. Isn't that a nice thing to do without family present? Dr probably did that because when he used the term "end stage" with me on the phone the night before, I told him they had never used that term before. So I guess he had to one-up me.

But luckily, I had shared with Jim on Saturday night that the DR had said that so Jim was prepared. And Jim wants to fight the "death sentence." Good for him!! He was asking me about getting to rehab and onto a transplant list.

Jim was in remarkably good spirits. His cousin stopped into visit and they spent 3 hours watching the Eagles football game together.

Before I went in the morning, I called the nurse's station and told them I would be there from 10-1 and asked them to page the DR and tell him I would like to meet with him. No Dr. Did the same thing on the afternoon visit. No. Dr. I'll try again today.

Jim was hallucinating some during the night. He called me 3 times between 11:30 and 1:30 about people in the hospital blackmailing him.

Radiation 5 this Monday morning.

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Alice said...

I think he should be Dr. Asshole. And glad Jim enjoyed the game. I hope the radiation is going ok. Sending more love your way.