Friday, October 27, 2006

Thursday Evening

Jim ripped my heart out tonight. He kept begging me to take him home, just for tonight, or he would be dead by morning. I was sobbing, and had to leave.

I asked the nurse about the ICU protocol about a patient's death. He said that if the nurse felt Jim would not survive, they would call me in, regardless of the ICU visiting hours.

Jim's platelet count is still virtually nonexistent--4--even though he seems to be bleeding less. The nurse said that on Wednesday the DRs sent a blood sample to an outside lab, thinking that maybe Jim has some autoimmune condition that is eating up the transfused platelets and hemoglobin.


Alice said...

((Venita)) Just want you to know I am here. Sending lots of love your way.


{Steve Rapaport} said...

Venita this must be tearing you up! It's hard to say any of the feelings I get reading about your journey, since I'm afraid they'd make you sadder or angrier! But I'm thinking them anyway!

Martha and Alley Cat said...

I have you both in my prayers.... and I'm so sorry for your pain.
m & ac

cindy said...

Venita - This is so hard to watch you go through and not know how to ease the journey. I wish that Jim can find peace, and strenfth, and you too.

Love, Cindy