Thursday, March 22, 2007


Today, Jim had a physical therapist evaluate him for driving, and he said he is going to recommend to Jim's GP that he is OK to drive. YESSSHH!! NOOOOOO!!

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I really don't want him hurting himself or others. Sure there are ALOT of people on the roads who are worse off than Jim, but....

We were instructed to take him out to a large vacant parking lot this weekend so he could "get the hang" of driving again. We have a high school nearby.

Jim's biggest problem right now with mobility is the return of osteoarthritis pain in his knees. It was suppressed when he was on prednisone. The GI DR won't authorize a small dose of pred until after Jim's next visit in 2 months. For the time being, we have started him on glucosamine.

I am really procrastinating on calling the vet to deal with this "mass" in Ennis's abdomen. I just can't face the financial and emotional strain that an ultrasound, a fine needle aspiration, and perhaps a surgery would put me (and Ennis) through. He had a hard time with an exploratory surgery 2 years ago. He never really got back to himself.

I'm OK. I failed to take my pills last night, and haven't eaten again for 3 days. Well there was that one Turtle left from my Valentine's gift.

My assignment from the counselor on Monday was to (1) get a tuneup on my computer, including switching to a broadband service and (2) to contact my major client and explain where I am in getting nothing done on their product.

These 3 things (Ennis and the 2 assignments) are overwhelming to me. But I just have to buckle down and do them. I haven't backed up my computer for a year, and should it crash, the entire contents of a book I was working on until last spring would completely diappear. So would all the contact info I have on my friends at FDMB.

So my assignment to myself in the morning, before PT at 10am, is to backup.

Then I start making a list of the things I need the computer geek to do to upgrade my system, and call him for an appointment next week. I still am confused whether to go with cable or telephone line for Broadband, but I think I'm leaning toward cable. I will switch over my phone too so that I get their "introductory" package of $100 a month for all 3 services (phone, digital cable, internet) for a year.

What do I do if the cable goes down, as it is prone to do a few times a year for a day or two. Can I still keep dial-up as a backup? I doubt I can if the phone is on cable. I do now have a cell phone. Maybe I just have to go to the library for Internet access.


Martha and Alley Cat said...

We have Comcast phone, internet and cable tv. When the power goes out the computuer and the plug in the wall phone do not work, you should know that. The phone actually comes thru the cable. But, if you have a cell phone, then you are ok for a phone.

During our huge windstorm this winter we were without the computer for 6 days until the lines were repaired but that was extreme, there was a lot of damage.

Four of us in this house all take Traumeel Drops for arthritis, it just plain works. Do a search, we order it on line. It is homeopathic and will not interact with any meds.

martha and ac

Alice said...

In Maine we have more trouble with the phone lines than the cable.So I have cable internet. Good luck on the list to things to get done. Make sure you eat. They do have microwave dinners you know. I live on them.LOL Sending lots of love your way.