Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not Another Problem--Please

Ennis went to the vet on Tuesday. His 6 month (a little late) wellness check. I scheduled it because he's been kind of down after losing Maxie. I also was worried; I didn't want to miss something that could be fixed if found early. Ennis also has been limping, and I wanted to get a fPLI test for pancreatic function. Dr. Alan said that he advises clients that cats can take up to 2 months to "recover" from the loss of another cat in the "pack."

Eyes OK
Ears waxy, but OK
Teeth horrible, needs a dental. Might want to put him on prophylactic ABs.

Abdomen, near the stomache, there a small mass.

That's when my brain flew out of my head. Dr. Alan knew I did not need to hear this again. I just heard "large mass" a month ago and now Maxie is gone.

Abdominal X-Rays. Also an X-ray of his limpy leg.

While they are off taking Ennis's X-Rays, I read through the chart. Yes! He had exploratory surgery 2 summers ago, maybe it is scar tissue, but near his stomache? That can't be right. It was his bowel that was opened (by a different vet). Also, 8 months ago Dr. Alan noted in the records that there was a small mass near the stomache. I don't remember being told that.

Abdominal X-Rays showed nothing of note. Dr. Alan recommended against an ultrasound at this point, as long as Ennis is not vomiting, which he isn't. Loose stool, but that is likely stress from Max and getting some different food each day as I try to keep him interested in food. And dealing with the pet food recall.

Leg X-Ray showed a touch of osteoarthritis in his knee joint, nothing in his shoulder. Given some sort of glucosamine powder for his food, and the suggestion of x% of a baby aspirin once or twice a day. I will have to call back on that. Also, we never followed up on the antibiotics. (Remember, I said my brain flew out of my head).

They are sending the fPLI through Antech Labs, not directly to Texas A&M, so that only adds $40 to the cost.

Well, yes, sure I want a senior panel and a urinalysis!! Ennis was too squirmy (fractious, hissing and growling at everyone) to get too much blood, so they have to run the lab in house (bigger bucks again). And no urine, AGAIN. How does this happen. This is a diabetic cat who hasn't peed for at least 4 hours. There should be something in there!!

After discussions with people on the FDMB, I know I need to take him for an ultrasound and, if appropriate, a fine needle aspiration. So I need to talk to Dr. Alan to get a referral to the radiologist at the specialty center. I just can't wrap my head around this right now.

Started back to PT yesterday. My right side is one massive scarred up mess, such tightness that I have diminished range of motion in my arm. I will see PT Bruiser 3x/week, when I can, and massage myself (to "break up" the scar tissue) on the days I don't see her.

Jim and Lily continue to thrive. Jim goes for his driver's evaluation this morning. I don't know whether to hope he passes or fails. I do worry about him, and his safety, and other peoples' safety.

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