Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A few more days; a few more things done

I've had 2 PT sessions so far this week. PT Bruiser tells me I may never regain full range of motion or strength on my right side because of the large amounts of muscle that was taken during my surgeries. Thank you so much Dr. Half-Boob!!

Yesterday, a guy friend and I moved a chest of drawers from Jim's condo to my house. My God, good furniture is heavy. Thank goodness this guy is very strong. He also took away my lawn mower to tune it up and hopefully straighten the shaft that got bent 2 years ago.

I have finally gotten my homework done on broadband internet access and ordered a bundled service (TV,Internet, Phone) from Comcast cable. 2 year commitment. It won't be installed until next Wednesday, then Charles the computer geek will come in to upgrade some of my software and add additional memory.

Before that all happens, I need to clean up some files and back everything up.

My desk is still a mess, but I am getting some things done. The draft of my will came, and I've been pouring through that, as well identifying assets and actual and desired beneficiaries.

Ennis is still really inactive and inappetant. The limping continues, although he did RACE down one set of stairs this morning, for what I don't know.

The Hospice nurse comes tomorrow. Another possibility for Jim to get kicked out. This Hospice has been nothing but extremely responsive. Should Jim or I ever have another need for (and qualify for) Hospice, we will have no qualms about going back to this place.

Today I went to NJ to visit Kris and her charming daughter. I visited with Kris and her pets until her daughter got home from preschool, then we had lunch and did a touch of shopping. Yet another lamp to find a place for. I really needed to eat. I haven't for several days, and even my smallest jeans are starting to sag down to my hips.

While I was out, Jim drove himself to his drinking club (he drinks cranberry juice or ginger ale). He was out a couple of hours. He got cleared by the DR yesterday to drive. He said he felt comfortable driving by himself. That is a huge step!!


Alice said...

EAT WOMAN EAT!!!!!!!!!!!


Annie said...

This is good stuff. You are getting things done, and Jim is driving! It's sad to think you may have lost some range of motion and lots of muscle, but never give up trying. You're all in our prayers. Ennis too!