Monday, March 26, 2007

Yesterday's Driving Adventure

I am glad that Jim is as concerned about his ability to drive as I am.

We went down to the Merchandise Mart (for those local people who know the place; for those that don't it's a years' old almost completely abandoned outside mall).

Did the emergency stopping, weaving around lamp-posts, pulling in forwards and backwards into parking speaces, including next to parked cars. Jim said he felt comfortable in his car.

When he got onto the street, he was not all that comfortable and I took over the driving after we stopped for brunch.

Jim intends to call his GP on Tuesday for a driving "clearance." I may call Monday and ask the DR to suggest a session or 2 with a driving instructor on the roads.

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Alice said...

A private lesson maybe just what he needs. Brittany is going for her license in 3 weeks. I just paid for her to have a 1 hour private lesson yesterday afternoon. The instructor put her through all the drills and reassured me she would be fine. Where I live it was $35/hr for private lessons but well worth it. Sending lots of love your way.