Thursday, March 08, 2007

Found my Eyeglasses

They were on a window sill in the guest bedroom where I feed Max and Lily dry food. I must have taken them off to pill Max.

I see Dr. Half-Boob this morning. We see a realtor at Jim's condo this afternoon. I am glad he is putting the condo on the market, but I have no idea where we are going to store all his stuff, unless I just make a huge storage area out of my living room. No that won't work, because that won't show well if I put my house on the market. But I could use some of his furniture here at the house.

We are talking about, in the late summer/fall, putting my house on the market and buying a ranch. A huge sprawling ranch so I can have my side of the house and Jim can have his. Might need to build a Berlin wall. I love my house now so much; I've put so much into the yard. I really hate to start all over.

Jim's DR approved him yesterday for an occupational therapist to give him a driving evaluation. I have to check with hospice about whether his being on Hospice will interfere with Medicare paying for this (if Medicare even would). I don't think Jim is ready for driving yet, but it would be nice if he could, for example, take himself for his weekly blood draws.

We also got a scrip for a blood draw to check his platelet and red and white blood cell counts. He has a dental cleaning next week, and the dentist and I wanted to make sure he was OK for the scraping that could lead to gum bleeding.

DR also wants him on vitamin C for his thin skin/skin tears.

So things are chugging along here.

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Alice said...

Glad you found your glasses. Hope the whole house thing works out for you two. Sending lots of love your way.