Friday, March 16, 2007

Saw GP Yesterday

She seems glad I have fallen apart. She said it was spooky that I was going through what I had been going through the last year and staying so stoic and in control. What an off thing for her to say; but I think she was just trying to give me "permission." She also raised my antidepressant dose, but refused to change the med because she said she thought it was working for me.

Now instead of our normal 2 month visit cycle, we are back on a one month cycle. SIGH.

I started working yesterday on trying to list all my cash assets, identify who presently was named as beneficiary, and figure out the rules for sending different assets to different places to minimize the taxable events at my death. I am an accountant, and I do my best at reading tax codes and publications, but I need some realiable, plain English advise about my questions. I talked to one fellow at a major mutual fund company today, asking questions about inheritance situations, and it was clear (to me) he didn't have a clue what he was talking about.

I really hate to hire a tax CPA to help me figure this out. I did that once when I was trying to set up the depreciation schedule for my home-based business, and that was pricey. And that I could write off as a business expense. This I couldn't.

Jim was scheduled for his driver's evaluation this morning, but we are supposed to have a "wintery mix" and he doesn't want to travel the hour each way it would take. So I have to reschedule him.

Ennis goes to the vet today, maybe. The appt is for 2pm, and I had wanted to get an fPLI blood test on him, which requires fasting, and there is no way that that chow hound would have fasted until 2pm. Depending on what the weather does, I may reschedule to a morning appt next week, or just take him in this PM and not do the fPLI, or do it non-fasting.

For the non-diabetic cat people reading this (and maybe for some of them), an fPLI test is a specialty test done at the University of Texas. It tests the pancreatic function of the cat. The pancrease is the primary organ involved in the production (or non-production) of insulin, which keep blood sugar levels down.

When Max went into remission from diabetes, I had this test run on him, and his values were higher (worse) than anyone I spoke to had ever seen. But he was asymptomatic for diabetes and pancreatitis (another disease of the pancres). I wanted the test re-run, I suspected sample contamination, but the vet said save your money, you know he has a diseased pancreas, but the part that is functioning is functioning very well.

Well, one year later Max passed from a pancreatic-origin tumor, considered rare in cats. Makes me wonder if the fPLI test results were telling us something early on.

Given genetics, given Ennis (Max's littermate) is actively diabetic, I want to check out where he is on the fPLI.

Ennis also seems depressed and is limping. It's also been 6 months since he's had an exam. Time to go.

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Alice said...

I hope all goes well on the vet visit. Hopefully your meds will kick in soon. Sending lots of love your way.