Sunday, March 11, 2007

We Still are Recovering from Losing Maxman

When Jim and I, or I, come into the house now, it is strangely quiet.

No Maxie greeting us, even a delayed greeting as he was prone to the last few weeks.

Ennis sleeping in his bed on the desk. Lily who knows where.

Ennis has started howling. A very mournful, painful howl. Just a few times a day. Is he missing Max, or is he ill? I suspect the former, but I have set up a vet appt for him in about 10 days.

Kris has asked me to come to her side of the DE river for a lunch soon. Jim and I were in the drug store today and I found the cutest little Ty beanie baby for Kris's daughter.

A lamb in a tutu and ballet shoes. So ugly it's cute. Maybe the daughter will name her after me. The stuffed rabbit we sent her after the photo shoot got named Mr. Davies, after Jim (even though that's not exactly Jim's last name). This child is such a doll, but it's not my place to put a picture of her (or her name) on here. But she is a camera hound, and was grinning ear-to-ear with Mr. Davies, the stuffed rabbit.

My goodness, this shift to DST has me all discombobulated. It always does. Why can't we just choose one or the other, or split the difference, and stop all this time change nonsense? Click and Clack (CarTalk on NPR) about a year suggested a split time shift: 1/2 hour in March and another 1/2 hour in April or May. I would vote for that over what we have now.

And because I haven't upgraded my computer's operating system, it was so stupid that it didn't change time today. I did it manually. And in 3 weeks, when it thinks it is time-shift time, I will have to manually reset it again.

I hate computers.


Alice said...

So sorry all of you are missing Max so much. I hope Ennis will be alright. Keep us posted. Adorable lamb for an adorable little girl. Sending lots of love.


Martha and Alley Cat said...

Hi Venita,

I just got back to town and read your sad news. I know that broken heart feeling and I'm so sorry for your loss of wonderful Max. There are no words, only time will help it hurt less.
hugs from us.

{Steve Rapaport} said...

Maxwell, we all owe you several for bringing Venita to meet us. You're more than just a beloved member of her family, you're also a hero who has brought people together and kept V sane.

You have earned your wings several times over. Fly free, sweet Max.