Friday, March 02, 2007

Today's Report

Max and I took a slow walk in the yard today. He loves the porch, and usually tries to bolt into the yard, and this time I let him go. He's moving so slow, but he enjoyed eating the onion grass and was ready to come back in after about 5 minutes.

He is slowly going; not eating well. I tried some syringe feeding this morning and that seemed to get him stimulated to eat some on his own. I am giving him EVO dry, but he is having a hard time picking the pieces out of the bowl to put on the floor, where he eats them. A little while ago, though, he threw up his food, then came on the desk incredibly wobbly and anxious. I gave him Pepcid AC and a pain pill. I told him several times that it is OK to go, and that he needs to tell me.

Jim continues to be fine. I wish he would do some exercising to help with his balance, but he won't. He sees his GP next week, and we need to ask for protocol on having his teeth cleaned. We may need a blood test for platelet count to make sure he's not susceptible to bleeding.

I am better than yesterday because Max seems in less distress. Yesterday, I was almost ready to call for a euthanasia appointment. He's was more active earlier today. I had a dental cleaning this morning and GOLD STAR: no restorative work to be done. I do still have dry mouth from chemo or the anti-depressants and the dentist suggested I start using the Biotene mouthwash and drops again.

This is one of the pictures Kris took of the two cancer victims here. (The one above and below also are by her, bless her heart.) You can see how badly maimed my right side is. I still have discomfort from the radiation, but it doesn't reach the level of pain that I had when the expander was in. (If you want to see larger images, you can click on the image.) The dark areas are the radiation burn. The very dark area in the center of the whole mess is where I am concave, not flat. I really hope no more women on this planet get breast cancer; what a fantasy.

This is Max with his pink string. I had tied a fur mouse on the end of a 200 foot roll of pink twine. For years that has been his favorite toy. He would get the mouse from its spot in the bedroom, and start howling that he had "made a kill," and drag the string throughout the house, things like taking it down 2 flights of stairs and wrapping it around chair legs. Every morning, I would have to rewrap the twine roll, and we would have the same thing next night. Sometimes in the daytime. He doesn't play with the pink string anymore.


Alice said...

Love the pictures. Glad Max has a little more pep in him. Will catnip help his appetite? Just wondering if it's anything like pot. Sending lots of love your way.


Fairydragonfly said...

Beautiful pictures. I am so glad that Kris was able to do that for you. Max looks wonderful. You both do.

Hang in there, as always you're in my thoughts.