Friday, March 30, 2007

Was I Freaking Out? YES!

I had PT this morning. After my exercises, the therapist massages my battle-scarred right side to try to make the scar tissue more flexible. When she started rubbing, this red bump along my incisional scar broke open and started oozing pus. She drained it as best she could, cleaned it up with alcohol, and put a bandage on it. So no massage today.

I called in a refill on an antibiotic I have, and called in a report to Dr. Half-Boob's office. He's on vacation.

PT Bruiser said she didn't see a need to actually go to a DR. She said she would recheck it at our first visit next week.

Why has it been nothing but trouble on the right side?

Ennis is still acting crummy and clingy. Jim is still doing great; getting antsy that I'm not working on taxes.

Got a call last night from my lawn cutting guy. He came out to see what kind of work it would take to get the neighbor's
monkey balls (the seed pod of the sweet gum tree) raked out of my yard.

He quoted me $280. I said no, last year you said $190, and I didn't have you do it; a group of neighborhood women headed over with rakes to help me. He said $200; I said OK. He said next week. I hope we have a huge windstorm before then to knock some more of these things out of the trees.

Last year was so cool. I wanted to get the yard cleaned before my first surgery put me under. These neighbors knew my situation. One would show up, and then another, and then another. Apparently there were phone calls made. In total we had 5 people raking and we got it done in maybe 4 hours. They were so sweet to help.

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