Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Boring and Bored

You keep checking in and there’s nothing new. BORING!! Venita feels the same way. Physical activity is out, so she’s sleeping a lot. Maybe 2-3 hours awake, then 2-3 hours asleep. Very boring. She would love to go for a slow walk around the block, but she’s not even supposed to do that. She’s looking forward to taking the trash out for pickup tomorrow. Isn’t that pathetic?

Please send Venita links to fun stuff on the Net or jokes (even off color ones). Nothing that takes too much bandwidth; she’s on dial up. She already knows about stuff on my cat. She needs some laughing out loud.


Alice said...

I read no physical activity and I'am sure that means taking the trash out. That involves lifting. Do we need to tell Jim? I'am sure he can get the trash up. Typing is pysical enough. Will get back to you on the fun part.

DeniseJH said...


I'd suggest books by good comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, etc. Jim could read them aloud.


Fairydragonfly said...



Wishing you a speedy recovery so you are back doing the things you love!


julie said...

i will keep my eye out for funny sites for you...one good site for boredom is pogo.com
it is a game site that you can play free games on..I am addicted to pop it..there are some good word games as well if you want to use your brain..but I prefer not to have to :)

Martha and Alley Cat said...

How about reading... are you a reader? Do you want some ideas for wonderful books? "Beach Music" by Pat Conroy. What a great read, actually everything he writes is tops! You can get it from the bookstore or library in either written or spoken version. We love to read in this house and some down time with 10 good books would be a heaven on earth for us! Give it a try.
xoxo,m and ac

cindy said...

Hi Venita - Your wish granted: