Friday, March 03, 2006

New Dates!!

In the midst of all this, we love good news.

Left breast biopsy March 15 (outpatient). Two days later, March 17, right breast mastectomy, node work (sentinel or dissection, depending on how it looks under OR-based frozen section), and reconstruction (inpatient, 1 day hopefully).

If the LB biopsy shows cancer, Venita might have to head back into general anesthesia surgery for another mastectomy and reconstruction, but we aren’t going to think that way, are we? We’re going to all chant—Go Lefty, Go Lefty! Oops! Stay Lefty, Stay Lefty!

And this shows some confidence from Dr. Cutter that she’s not going to find cancer in Lefty, doesn’t it? Otherwise, she would have delayed between the 2 procedures. Correct?

First post-surgical consult with Dr. Chemo on March 28. Scheduling assistant Venita spoke to (so nice) said Venita may start chemo the next day, in advance of getting the surgically implanted porta-cath. Venita’s sure her veins can take some measure of pricks, up to a point. (You may not remember, but the surgeon wants to implant the porta-cath separately so that there is no cross infection from the surgeries.) We’ve read that chemo can “collapse” the veins.

Still-to-be-identified Dr. Nuke’s office (another great scheduling person) tells Venita she doesn’t need to schedule the radiology for several months. More good news—the cancer center’s radiation department has a treatment center just a few miles from Venita. Not the 40 minutes each way ride she has to do for chemo.

Venita just checked today’s date. Is this already Friday? She’s losing her mind here. So surgery begins in 1.5 weeks. She’s psyched!! Get this crap out of her!!

Just to repeat what we have said so many times before. We do so cherish all the support Venita is getting from you all. We hope to be able to pay it forward some time very soon.


Cheri said...

Hey! Shouldn't we be chanting Stay Lefty! Stay Lefty! Wanna keep that boobie, need a stay of execution. Seriously, I'm glad surgery is scheduled and the treatment is moving forward. Thinking of you daily. Also, have noticed you up in the middle of the night and early in the morn (on FDMB). Wonder when you sleep?!

{Steve Rapaport} said...

Here's hoping Lefty is healthy as can be.

Cindy and Patches said...

Still cheering you on! Please know that my team is in your corner! Praying for the best...

Cindy, Squirt, Patches, and Annabelle....