Saturday, March 18, 2006

Venita's good news from recovery!

Julie reports:

I had to go out so I left my cell phone number with Jim..he called and said everything went great!

here is the medical stuff he said...

  • sentinel node biopsy -removed 3 nodes-all negative on initial testing!
  • no axillary node dissection..not sure what that meant but it was good news..

I was in a grocery store on a staticy phone..they also said that

  • the left breast appears negative as well!

of course everything is pending pathology reports which won't be back unitl the 27th..but it appears to be a miracle!

He said Venita wanted me to call her at the hospital so I did..she sounded amazing! you would have never known she had just been through surgery..her exact words "I've got my life back"..shge is already planning what she is going to do in her garden...she is in a 4 bed suite at the hospital all by herself..she said she has her stuff everywhere and it is great..they are a bit worried about the excess drainange she is experiencing and may need to have the surgeon look at it if it doesn't slow down..but she will be going home tomorrow...that is all I no questions ok! Our prayers reeally worked! I am guessing we may even see a post from her tomorrow..I am going to call her tomorrow afternoon so I will post again after that..


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