Saturday, March 04, 2006

Getting Bald (by Venita)

This is Venita only speaking here. I know with chemo there is a 90%+ possibility I will lose the hair on my head. I was planning to be proactive and just shave it in advance, and not wear one those do-rags or floppy hats you see on people undergoing chemo. Just be bald and proud.

In fact, I’ve always been a little curious about the whole shaving head thing that men do these days as a fashion statement.

But I’m kind of moon walking on this now. Jim and I have tickets to go to a dinner theater a couple weeks after I would have my head shaved. I’m thinking how shocked the folks in the room would be—-the whole, “OMG is this infectious?” or “Look at that woman, she is dying” thing.

I know I won’t be infectious or dying. And I know the do-rag/floppy hat only minimizes the effect on other people, it does not change the facts of what they see and feel.

I do not at all mind the people I see everyday seeing me bald. A few (men) have offered to shave the same time I do. (No women takers yet.) I am a little queasy about my first few trips to the grocery, discount store. . .... The overly long looks; the quiet whispers.

Your thoughts about my new feelings? Don’t even suggest the wig thing!


Linda L said...

Hi Venita. You took away my suggestion! A friend of my sister's who had chemo wore a wig and it was very nice. If you didn't know her you would not have known. If it makes you uncomfortable to be out in public sans hair you could wear one then but go au naturale at home. Melissa Ethridge recently went public with her bald head after chemo and breast cancer so you could just say you were following her lead or you could just tell people you warned your hair if it did not behave it was gonna be out of here and the hair didn't listen! If you don't want the wig thing just don't do it. Put on some gorgeous earrings to draw attention and if anybody is crass enough to ask just say your hair was in the way!


Alice said...

When and if your hair does come out or you shave it,make sure to wear some nice large dangle earrings. They make a statement.I'am bald and I'am beautiful. Also a women I worked with a few years ago lost her hair during chemo and it grew back with some curl to it and it was straight before,she thought that was a plus. She said that happened alot to chemo patients. I don't know if I would wear a wig either. I might do a few hats as long as they weren't the big ones. I guess it's a case of EPID(every person is different)


julie said...

not even a bright pink wig or rainbow colored one???

~*Connie*~ said...

I ran into a bumper sticker yesterday that seems appropriate to share.

"Don't worry about what other people think, They don't do it that often"

Unfortunately too many people hide who or what they are or what they have gone through because they are afraid of other people's reactions. Well you could just be the one that inspires someone to be strong when they need it most.

Donna said...

Venita- Tigger and I post on FDMB. My sister had breast cancer, and my best friend is receiving chemo for ovarian ca. Both waited until their hair started to fall out and then had their heads shaved. Both were shocked at how cold they became without hair, as 90% of our body heat is through our scalp. Both also bought wigs, wore them once, and went to wearing hats or scarves. I bought my friend a sleep cap and she loves it- said she wears it every night. Prayers and purrs,
Donna and Tigger