Sunday, March 26, 2006

Meals on Wheels: Thank you Libby B

Friends and neighbors have been bring by meals to help make sure Venita eats. Venita is reknown for going days without eating, and that definitely is not good for her right now.

Jim and Venita have these dear friends Dick and Ellen. Dick was 80 last August; he is spry both mentally and physically. For his 79th birthday, Dick rode his motorcycle up I95 to the Boston area to visit family. Ellen's last birthday was the Sunday before Venita's mastectomy. What were you Ellen? 76? Ellen is diabetic (which has special meaning to Venita given her diabetic cat Max), is a great "grandma" cook, and has wonderful stories all the time.

Two days after Venita's mast, Ellen and her daughter Libby B came to visit Venita. Libby B is an RN and the one who Venita talked about in this post. Libby "signed onto" Venita's "meals on wheels" program. Last night Libby showed up with the most incredible meal (featuring stuffed pork chops) as well as Ellen and Dick. Venita got to have a meal with company without anymore work than a little vacuuming and setting the table. It was a marvelous chance for her to "get out" without leaving the house.

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