Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ups and Downs Each Day

Today’s Ups for Venita:

Steve confirmed that Venita is a smart ass after he asked her whether she had an address and she came back with a really brassy answer:

This reminds me of the time I was sitting in a bar, and my husband was out in the bathroom, and some really ugly drunk man came up to me and asked: Got a name? Smart ass I can be, I responded: Yes, doesn’t everyone?

Venita got flowers from the PICPA. She’s been doing some minor pro bono work for the PICPA's quarterly journal for a few years and had to beg off for awhile. How very sweet of the Journal's editor, Bill.

Venita got an invitation to go to the luncheon at the state's annual breast cancer conference from a professional colleague who audits the organization that puts on the conference. Jim and Venita are already signed up for the conference, but because it is only a few days after Venita's mastectomy, they don't know whether they can make it as it is. Thank you Pam for reaching out.

Venita got cards from Robin, Ellen, and Mary F. Thank you ladies.

Venita and Jim talked about having a head shaving party to get over Venita's concerns about people staring at and whispering about her upcoming baldness. It would be down at our local bar, involve homemade chili, and allow all to show support (including those who want to be shaved as "companions").

Today’s Downs for Venita:

Venita got in touch with a fellow to mow her yard this year. She didn't want to, but she has to be realistic. He's coming by on Monday to chat.

Venita "came out" to two friends (a married couple) about her cancer. The scrunched up, arm huging, turned away body language, and the lack of questions hurt Venita. She felt like a leper. They seemed to be saying: "Just go away already!!"

Far more ups than downs today, so that's good!!


{Steve Rapaport} said...

So happy to be in the "Ups" column!

Venita and Jim said...

Steve--No only were you in the ups column, you were there first! You made me laugh big time.

BTW, why are your comments getting through the comment moderation control without me "passing" them. I only see them when I print out pages for Jim to see. Is that because you are a co-administrator here?