Thursday, March 09, 2006

Today's Brightest Spot

Been some real high spots and some real low spots today. Jim said to Venita: “Try not to be so negative on the Blog,” referring to Venita’s ranting about “it really sucks” two posts down. Venita popped another Xanax and is writing this as she tries to get her blood pressure under control from today’s round of stupid doctors’ offices tricks.

Today’s brightest spot was a post card from Martha from Hawaii. When’s that wonderful woman getting home to her Alley Cat? We so hope she had a warm, relaxing vacation away from the world of FD.

Is “vacation” a derivative of the words “vacant” or “vacate”? Must be. We hope Martha vacated all her worries back here on the mainland while she was gone.

PS: From Amy--"vacation comes from vacate, which comes from the Latin vacare, which means to be empty, free, etc." Thanks Amy!

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Alice said...

Yes, you should try to look for something good in each day if it helps you. But Cancer sucks big time and if you want to just post an entire page on cancer sucks big time than go for it and express yourself. We are your friends and anything goes.Do what helps you get through the day. And don't worry about all the xanax we can get you off them at a later date if you want. I have some experience in that department, but it just involves switching to valium.LOL