Thursday, March 02, 2006

Chain Saws

Venita's friend and boss JFA taught her to use a chain saw back in, maybe, 1987. She got a 14" bar Stihl as a gift from a friend who sold and serviced power tools. Venita needed a small bar because she's a small person.

JFA sent Venita home to read the instruction book and to take the chain and bar off and reinstall them so she would know everything she could before the actual cutting lesson.

One Saturday morning, JFA came to Venita's house and they loaded up the wheelbarrow with the saws (JFA brought an extra saw--you need an extra when the saw bar gets wedged in a tree), tools, extra chains, chain oil, fuel container, ear protection, eye protection, gloves, and all that other stuff one needs for the job. They were going to head up the hill to the woods to cut.

But before heading off, JFA asks: "Did you read the instruction book, including the cautions for use on the first page?"
Venita: "Yes."
JFA: "What was the first caution?"
Venita: "Do not operate the saw while under the influence of drugs or alcohol."
JFA: "So you know that rule?"
Venita: "Yes."
JFA: "Good. Now go inside and get us some beers."

Off JFA and Venita went up the hill with the equipment and four beers.

Lesson learned: Life has rules. Life has choices. You can make choices that break the rules as long as you know and understand the reasons for the rules.


Terri said...

LOL!!! Sounds like my first sailing instructor. My first day out was rough and cold. After a couple of hours of fighting the winds (and then rain) to try and get us steered into a cove, I realized we were heading for a bar. A couple of beers later, we sailed back. Much easier to handle! :) My lesson learned: even the most miserable situations look better when you can stay relaxed.


jimnlibby said...

You learned how to chain saw right, didn't you!? Now just continue to read your directions and listen carefully to your gut and the old Jims that love you so very much. jimnlibby