Friday, March 17, 2006

Goodbye Righty!

Today's the day we say goodbye to Righty. It's easy, and it's hard, to say goodbye.

Easy to say goodbye, hoping that with that tissue goes the cancer and the fear that this disease will cut short the time Venita and Jim will have together. It's already diminished the quality of their time together, having brought many moments of terror in the past 3 1/2 months. But it also has improved their relationship, as they work together to step through this treatment process.

Hard to sy goodbye, not that Venita or Jim have ever defined Venita by her sexual body parts, but once you've got any "normal and customary" body part, it's had to see it go. Won't the loss of any body part put the whole balance of the body out of whack?

Complications aside, twelve hours from now Venita should be out of surgery. Today's gift would be a finding of minimal lymph node involvement. We have little expectation of that outcome, but we can always hope/wish/concentrate on/pray for that miracle.


Alice said...

Sending prayers your way and will be sending them all day.
All our love, Alice and Family

cindy said...

Dear Venita -You are strong and have a strong will to live. That goes a long way towards recovery. And there is a huge web of love and hope holding you up - there, feel that?

And its spring, season of (good) growth and renewal, you are connected to the earth and are part of this cycle and many more to come - feel that?

And there is much you have yet to do in the world, for your DH, your kitties, your - um, lawn...feel the pull of their interdependance with you?

Pulling you towards a full and cancer-free life.

I'll be thinking of you all day.

Bon chance.

Love, Cindy

Martha and Alley Cat said...

Very Strong vibes coming your way today. And a prayer to the goddess of women for all good health to flow over you!

xoxo,m and ac

Rebecca Price said...


I hope you are out of surgery by now and doing well.

Jim, make sure she gets lots of pain meds!

Thinking of you so much,