Thursday, March 02, 2006

Green Tea and a Wheat Bag

Thank you Cindy

For a package with six boxes of green tea. Cindy and Venita had been talking about green tea shortly before Venita had the 1st biopsy. Venita bought green tea at the grocery post-biopsy but was bummed out that it was caffeinated. Of her 3 adult vices (caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco), caffeine was the only one Venita had been able to successfully abandon. (Another story for another day about Venita's walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on a Saturday morning in 1984 with her co-worker Ken, head pounding from caffeine withdrawal.)

Cindy's card, which is a wonderful sepia-toned picture of a pretty serious looking cat glaring through a wrought iron fence under a sign saying “no dogs allowed,” reads in part:

As I went food shopping the other day, I started looking to see just what was available in a decaf green tee. [This] seems to have turned into a Giant Green Tea Carepack.

Yes it did, Cindy, and Venita does appreciate the “picture” of your hair trim. Venita loves you, darlin, for taking all this time to do the green tea shopping that she hasn't been able to get to.

Thank you Martha, Robin, and Julie, and Gail

For the wheat bag. This is awesome! Venita wrote a couple days ago about how someone could make a cottage industry out of rice pads, and apparently Gail makes wheat bags. Can be heated or frozen. Venita is SOOOO looking forward to trying this out.

In her note Martha said that Gail gifted the wheat bag to Venita and that: “There is love from a total stranger.” Not a surprise to us Martha; there has been so much love from so many total strangers.

For those curious, the website for these wheat bags is here: Venita has sent an email of thanks to Gail.

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